Preparing To Sell Your Atlanta Home or Condo This Spring

Are You Preparing To Sell Your Atlanta Condo This Spring ©
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Are You Preparing To Sell Your Atlanta Home or Condo This Spring?

Springtime is usually the time when most homeowners who are moving or relocating put their house or condo on the market. Getting your house in good condition before you sell can demonstrate pride of ownership and can quite possibly get you a higher sales price for your home. A home that is visually appealing and in good condition will attract more potential buyers, particularly those driving down the street.

A good rule of thumb, try to view your property through a prospective buyer’s eyes.

  • Are the shrubs and lawn well maintained?
  • Are there cracks in the foundation or walkways?
  • Are the gutters, chimney and walls in good condition?
  • Are garbage cans and debris stored out of sight?

Strong curb appeal will lure potential buyers inside… then you have to live up to their expectations. There are a lot of easy improvements you can make to your home’s interior without incurring major expenses.

A major cleaning is mandatory. Your windows, floors and bathroom tiles should sparkle. Shampoo dirty carpets and clean tubs and showers.

Each room in your home should have a purpose and a focal point. Where are your eyes 
drawn and why? A bold piece of furniture, a bright accent piece or an interesting grouping immediately adds character to a room.

Give the interior or exterior a fresh coat of paint. Next, get all of your mechanical systems serviced by qualified contractors. Service your air conditioning system, clean your furnace, repair plumbing leaks, and correct any electrical switches or outlets that are not working.

Most people buy a new home because they have outgrown their existing house. Create more space by eliminating excess furniture and removing unnecessary clutter from the garage, basement, attic and closets.

Before you put your house on the market, arrange for a professional home inspection; this can help in the sales process.

Cosmetic changes do not have to be expensive. Costly home improvements do not necessarily offer a good return on your investment when you sell. Anything that says “this home has been carefully maintained” will help you get the price you want.

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