6 Tips To Get Your Property Ready To Sell

6 Tips To Get Your Property Ready To Sell

Staging is an especially important part of selling your home.  During the staging, potential buyers begin mentally imagining their own furniture, and their lives, in your home.  If they cannot make the imaginative leap because the house is too clotted, dirty, colorful or quirky, you have probably lost their business and interest.  It is best to stage the house to be as spacious, clean, neutral and typical as possible.

“Staging” has become quite the buzzword throughout the real estate and decorating industries. There are many ways both big and small that you can bring new life to old rooms, create the ambiance you’ve always wanted and invite some designer dazzle into your home.

Here are six small ways to get started:

  1. Declutter: I know, I know, that’s what everyone says! Whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to create 
a space for yourself that’s warm, inviting and peaceful, removing the clutter from your home (and your life) is 
definitely high priority.
  1. Add Warmth: The right mix of color, accents and light can make a cold room toasty warm. Fluffy towels in cozy colors add just the right touch to a bathroom; a well-placed pillow in an inviting shade brings life to a corner; and stark walls painted a neutral but balmy tone all help set the mood and make the most of your space.
  1. Scale Back: Guilty! Pictures and volumes of books are comforting friends we like to keep around, but you need to cleanse the landscape and pare down the personalization to make your home more open and “neutral.” Replace those things with fresh flowers and accent pieces that brighten shelves and create conversation opportunities!
  1. Create Focal Points: Each room in your home should have a purpose and a focal point. Where are your eyes 
drawn and why? A bold piece of furniture, a bright accent piece or an interesting grouping immediately adds character to a room.
  1. Think In Threes: Odd numbers create tension, which provides visual interest. Try three vases or candlesticks of varying heights on a kitchen counter, three containers or trunks stacked as a side table or three books stacked on 
a coffee table. Go ahead—try a trinity in your home!
  1. Lighten Up: Lose those heavy drapes, and let some light in! Sheer fabrics or window treatments such as natural bamboo can infuse a room with natural light, add texture and change the whole feel of what was once a dark and dreary place. Also consider adding more lighting sources and wattage to each room. Supplement traditional overhead lights with accent lamps, under-counter lights, up lights or trendy pendant lighting.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, new colors and fresh paint. There’s a home improvement store around nearly every corner. If you don’t like it, change it. A new coat of paint, fresh hardware for your doors and lots of elbow grease to let CLEAN shine through are great ways to give your home a spring “facelift” whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to dwell. It’s time to get ready for your “close up!”

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